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Want exclusive mobile prices in Pakistan? You have landed on the right page. A few years ago we had devices that weren't cost efficient and mobile prices in Pakistan were known to be less suitable for the people especially the ones who had mediocre backgrounds. The main reason for this expensive price range in Pakistan was due to the fact that there were no mobile manufacturing companies but things have changed now and from economical to high end devices all are available and easily accessible to everyone. According to the statistics the number of mobile phone users will reach 4.9 billion this year and this number would also increase and might reach to 2.5 billion in the years to come. China and India alone have more than 1 billion subscribers and the reason is the affordable range of mobile prices. Mobile prices in Pakistan are also becoming more affordable with the onset of new phone companies this results in more purchasing of phones. Every 3rd person in Pakistan now owns a mobile phone and the fact is latest mobile prices seems somewhat in range to them. Our team also provides a wide range of phones that are equally economic and budget friendly to our users. Our aim is to keep this site more user oriented and would provide a detailed information regarding the bestselling devices in accordance with the prices in Pakistan. We have a wide range of devices e.g Lenovo , One plus one , Nokia , Samsung , Apple , Huawei etc. in addition to this users can also purchase their devices from our site. We are trying our our level best to keep the latest mobile prices and would also give reviews on the upcoming devices. Moreover, we will also provide our users special discounts and would make sure that they don't face any form of inconvenience. Our website will also ensure to provide a more user friendly experience and will make a platform to discuss the specs of various devices. Special discounts will also be given on latest mobile prices so as to keep our customers contented and satisfied with our services. Reviews and specs of the upcoming devices will be updated on time which will keep our users to be more aware of the advancements in the technology to come. Furthermore, our main aim is to provide people with the information of smartphones so that the number of smartphone users can increase in Pakistan. We will also provide a platform for exchanging and selling of phones. As explained earlier the content of the site would be user oriented so we will design more categories regarding specs of devices. We will also update our users about the major issues a certain device is having based on a detailed review which will help our users to know more about the device they are going to purchase. In the end our only goal is to make this website progress by the help of our customers while keeping its content more user oriented.