Latest Top mobile phones In Pakistan 2018

All latest phones are so advanced and fantastic that it is hard to categorize them top 1 to 8.



All the glories of Huawei are summarized into one device which is Huawei Mate 20 pro. Mate 20 pro includes.

Huawei Mate pro follows a standard latest smartphone design. Elegantly a front and a glass panel that beautifully sandwiches between an aluminum glass.

But the style which matters is its curved edges and slick touch to the hand. The main point which differentiates and appreciates Mate 20 pro from the rest of the world is its unique coat of paints.

The camera is unlike any other three lenses camera. Its camera stands out as well as the design and slick body. Unfortunately, a head jack is missing but a cherry on top Huawei has included dongle USB-C headphones in the packaging.

Huawei packaging also included a case inside the Mate 20 Pro for those who are scared to get their screen scratched. Huawei has introduced the longest lifetime of battery we have ever seen in the smartphones before.


Note 9 is the most stunning device especially in use for the enterprise space.

By fulfilling everyone’s expectations Note 9 has introduced many variations in the set itself and in S Pen.

Samsung has increased the size of the device as well as a battery but it is so exciting that there’s no visible or noticeable difference has no such impact on the overall size of the device. The battery is almost 22% bigger than the one we have found in note 8.

S Pen has also surprised the users with its Bluetooth connectivity.

Not everyone is much impressed by its reparability removing a battery is heartache, swapping out a broken display seems to be tearing the whole device into pieces which is hurtful.

Note 9 is a package of entertainment and enlightenment.


You just don’t only buy iPhone XS Max/XS because your status demands it but due to the fact that this gold product is simply irresistible. We would say “stop-and-stare-product”

Holding XS MAX feels luxurious itself.

The display is amazingly huge. Apple always fills up its “plus” series with the all available space on the display, for instance, home buttons and top corners.

But the major drawback is that you can’t use it one-handed due it’s giant size.

The camera is obviously better than any other smartphone in the market.

There is as such not much different about the XS MAX and almost identical to iPhone X.


Although the set provides a mediocre battery and a big notch slight Google’s but as a whole a perfect pixel phone.

It offers speed with fantastic updated software and a mesmerizing camera. It contains features of fingerprint free rear glass design with a giant screen and amazing audibility speakers.

But be aware when it comes to pictures which would view to saturated.


Huawei P20 Pro has boosted a Kirin 970 which is hefty of 6GB RAM and a 128 GB storage.

The ultimate addition of three camera system which will provide you 40-megapixel sensor. A huge 4000Mah battery has fitted in it.

EMUI has come and advanced really a long way.

But the major drawback is that it does not provide any wireless charging (when almost all latest updates do) another drawback is that there are many there faster phones are available in the market.

Huawei has added into one more time and effort into its latest design language with recent new up-gradation it’s rolled but unfortunately P20 Pro is no exception. Huawei has always tried to introduce more innovation with every positive way.

  1. LG V40 THINQ

LG V40 THINQ has prioritized camera and photography it has put five cameras on a single android set and it gives you diversified shots perspective whether you’re taking a group selfish or want to capture the nature or beauty.

You would love and must get impressed by the 6.4-inch OLED screen.

There are many fun camera modes are available too with clearer pictures.

It has a longer battery life and much cheaper.

But the major drawback is the camera does not always work efficiently and much expensive than title should be.

Weaker in battery utilization.


iPhone has launched three phones in 2018. APPLE IPHONE XR Contains¬† 6.1 inch “LED retina” LCD screen.

However the XR and XS are very similar they have same A12 bionic processors, forthcoming support of 2 dim (dual-sim) main other cameras with smart HDR, IOS 12 and many other features include gestures control and wireless charging.

XR has a single rear camera. XR’s displays a large LED SCREEN hence larger in size. XR manufacturing is with aluminum rather than stainless steel.

XR offers a variety of colors which are so eye-catching and aspiring the colors start from white, black, blue, coral, yellow and red.

But unfortunately, XR virtually offers the same experience as iPhone X for $250 less in amount.

But this set provides a great battery life.



Few phones hold and processed that they caused quite as big of a stir as the Xperia XZ3. SONY XPERIA XZ3 is the very first curved device of Sony. Which is seem to be out of the blue recently in IFA 2018, people are responding with multiple emotions such showing excitement some are showing anger and confusion which is all the way denial.

SONY XPERIA XZ3 has a very sharp, vibrant and an amazing display. It provides a massive battery life. The overall performance of the set is slick and then provides Hi-Res then audio support level.

But the main drawback seen in the Sony phone is the device getting hot with more frequency and repeatedly. Unfortunately no PS4 remote play yet. And too much Sony bloatware.

All the latest updated mobile phones are so mesmerizing and attractive that you can’t control yourself to have a checkout.

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