Samsung Galaxy S10 as per latest leaks

Samsung Galaxy S10 as per latest leaks

No doubt everyone is looking forward to seeing the latest updates about Samsung galaxy S10 everyone is making their judgments about it. Many rumors are floating around. Everybody wants to know what Samsung is going to introduce this time as in the latest technology.

No doubt Samsung S10 has the potential to be called the most exciting and most waited phone of 2019, as after the incremental upgrade that was galaxy S9 the South Korean firm is composed for a huge revamp.

We don’t know anything confirmed yet but we have started noting down some rumors which are floating around for sure.

These rumors you will find below:

You may find your wish list here as well that what you want to see in latest galaxy Series S10.

Including an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a fresh design.

Fortunately, according to rumors, you may find one thing at least from your wish list.

What is it? Samsung’s next main flagship

What will it cost? It’s sure to be very expensive

When is it out? Probably early 2019

These are some quick questions your mind may want answers for.

Samsung Galaxy S10 release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date it is likely to be in early 2019. More specifically we’ll probably see between February 25-28 because MWC will be on this date as Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 range at MWC 2018, so the 2019 show is probably the releasing date.

Samsung Galaxy S10 design and display

Hottest and latest leaks:

Three different screen sizes

A bezel-free design

A 19:9 aspect ratio and 1440 x 3040 resolution

According to Samsung chief this time some “very significant” design changes and come in some “amazing” colors. One leak from OnLeaks suggests those colors may be Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.

Samsung through its tweet criticized the notch on the Google pixel 3 XL. So we can assume by this that S10 would be notch free.

Along with that, the benchmark suggests a resolution of 1440 x 3040, which would be a little boost, Samsung would slim the bezels to achieve very chance, fitting a larger, sharper screen into the same size body.

Samsung Galaxy S10 biometric security

An on-screen fingerprint scanner

An improved 3D face scanner

We have heard a number of things about it, and one rumor we have seen spreading away many times in the presence of an on-screen fingerprint scanner but let’s see what happens actually.

Samsung Galaxy S10 camera

A triple-lens rear camera on the top-end model

12MP, 13MP and 16MP lenses

A dual-lens front-facing camera

An analyst reckons Samsung is considering a triple-lens camera for the Samsung Galaxy S10, along with a 3D sensor for augmented reality content.

Analysis chatting can’t be a reliable source but they are the most experienced one. They know better for sure.

It’s also a rumor that we’ve now heard again, with a source claiming that while the most basic model of the Galaxy S10 might have just a single-lens camera and the middle model might have a dual-lens one, the biggest version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 would have a triple-lens camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 power

A Snapdragon 855 chipset

8GB of RAM

A minimum of 128GB of fast storage

As could the RAM, as Samsung probably had that it’s developed an 8GB RAM chip built on a 10nm process. But not confirmed for the Galaxy S10. But most probably has a data rate that’s 1.5 times as fast as current flagship RAM chips and can also reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Samsung Galaxy S10 name

We’ve heard many talks that Samsung might rename the range.

Launching the next model like the Samsung Galaxy X rather than the Galaxy S10. That might sound unlikely. But let’s see how many rumors turn into reality.