Q: Do you sell tablets and mobiles?

ANS:No. we deliver the information and specifications of mobile phones and tablets and keep the visitors updated about latest models.

Q: From where you collect the information of handsets?

ANS: We consider originality as an extensive element to bargain confidence of the visitors. We collect the illuminations and state of the art technologies from the original sites of brand makers, we sum up the collection and update here.

Caution: As we mentioned it very clearly on disclaimer, human error can occur while refurbishing specifications of phone we cannot give you surety that the information is 100% correct.

Q: Why did the information provided by you are not 100% correct?

ANS: The information we update here is the summation of the information we read from the original makers sites that may be a little modified while making a collective content. To get more information and satisfaction you can visit a nearest mobile displays and shops.

Q: Do you refer different websites to buy mobile online?

ANS: No we don’t refer any website we believe in delivering up to the minute information about mobile phones its quality and prices.

Q: After how much time the prices of mobile changes?

ANS: It depends on the manufacturing company of mobile phones. When the brand launches a new handset the prices of the old one decrease. Usually the companies launch a new set after 2 to3 months.